Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Encyclopedia of Dry Rubber Coupons, Petrol Coupons, Loan Bonds, Rubber Share Certificates of Malaya, Ceylon, Thailand and Netherlands East Indies

The Encyclopedia of Dry Rubber Coupons of Malaya, Ceylon, Thailand and Netherlands East Indies, Petrol Coupons, Loan Bonds & Rubber Share Certificates of Malaya 

by Saran Singh

Recently on December' 2016, an Encyclopedia of Dry Rubber Export Coupons Malaya, Ceylon and Netherlands East Indies (1922-1942) was authored & published by Saran Singh of Malaysia. This encyclopedia also includes Rubber Loan Bonds, Rubber Share Certificates and Petrol Ration Coupons used during the early 20th century in Malaya. It has 332 pages of high quality photographs, historical information and most importantly, numismatic facts. This Encyclopedia is a MUST have for any collector of the above items, and also for history buffs who love information on Rubber during the early 20th Century. This book is definitely a significant upgrade to the original book written by Saran Singh in 1990 with the title "Malaya and Sarawak Rubber Export Coupons 1922 - 1942" which had 39 pages.

Only 699 copies of this Encyclopedia have been printed, and each one has been serialized. 
Prior to the official launch on January 8' 2017, I was told that 50% of the printed copies have already been sold.

Price of this Encyclopedia is USD$140.00 plus postage. 
Send an email to "" if you want to purchase this Encyclopedia
I will explain details of payment and shipping preferences.

The Encyclopedia starts off with the birth of the Rubber Industry in South East Asia, starting from the arrival of the rubber seeds in England, Ceylon and Malaya. It explains how the rubber industry had grown, and with a detail write up of Loan Bonds and Share Certificates used during this expansion period in the early 19th century. Then starting 1920's all the way to the end of World War 2, and early 1950's, the rubber industry was declining. Rubber Export Coupons were introduced as a way to control the oversupply of rubber in this region. This encyclopedia shows in very detail all the different Rubber Export Coupons issued in Malaya, Ceylon and Netherlands East Indies. The high quality of photography shows very clearly how each item looked like. Also included is the rarity scale of these items. The most interesting item for me was the Addendum, which introduced the Rubber Export Coupons used in Thailand in 1950's. I had never even heard of them before.

This encyclopedia also goes into details on Petrol Ration Coupons, Government Loan Bonds ,War Loan Bonds and Rubber Share Certificates issued in Malaya. All are very desirable collectibles, and this book definitely helps in building some early knowledge with the information provided, prior to spending a great amount of money in this hobby. Definitely a 4 STAR rating for this encyclopedia.
I would say its probably one of the best Numismatics books written by Saran Singh. The only other equivalent would be Saran Singh's much desired and sought after "The Encyclopedia of The Coins of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei 1400 - 1986" 1st Edition, which now has become a reference for many numismatics and historians around the world.

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